Patuna Obsession Etherique

Defilé Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture spring | summer 2019


Einstein told that the ether was a necessity for the the physical laws. «  Without the ether, the light couldn’t spread, and the Space nor the Time couldn’t even exist. »

At the beginning of the century XX, amongst the most respected scientist minds, some of them still used this old word, Ether, for calling the essence which fills the empty Space. They thought that the ether was a real substance somewhere between the physical matter and the pure energy. Their deduction was that the light waves can move from one point to another in what seemed to be an empty space. And we know how important light is important for Patuna.

The ether surrounds the physical body like a precious box. It is considered as a part of it, and disappears after the death.

Patuna delivers us an extravagant spring summer 2019 collection, with dresses who perfectly fit the feminine curves, made with « satellite-materials » around the body as an astral woman, fatal but still powerful.